Careers in Sociology

Sociology students are those intrigued by the challenging social issues pervading our world, how society influences and is influenced by them, and how to encourage change. They learn how to address these issues through scientific research and application, and, as our world continuously evolves, sociology majors are well prepared to offer insight into these changes and how best to accommodate them.  Sociology majors are offered a rich environment within which to develop skills in critical thinking, analytic problem-solving, and communication that are required by employers and/or that prepare them for a range of graduate programs.

Given the training in research methods, statistics, and topical areas, employment opportunities for sociology majors are plentiful in: social service agencies; federal, state, and local governments; nonprofit organizations; and private enterprises. The emerging global economic order and the increased complexity of corporate cultures promise to open even more opportunities for our graduates. Some sociology majors help companies develop global marketing strategies, and others work to enhance the culture and organization of corporations.

Sociology students pursue careers in a variety of fields: business, child welfare, computer industry, criminal justice, education (teaching, evaluation research, consultation, research), gerontology, health care, international relations, law, law enforcement, leisure/recreation/sport, military/military intelligence, social work, and urban planning or management, and more.

To learn more about career opportunities for sociology students:

  • Visit the American Sociological Association's website on career resources and employment opportunities.  These sites are focused specifically on career opportunities for sociology students (undergraduates and graduates) - and remind students that sociology majors are well prepared to handle jobs in the 21st century.
  • Visit UofL's Career Development Center, which offers practical advice to both current students and alumni on how to develop a résumé, locate job opportunities, and prepare for an interview.  The Center's site also includes job postings for students to browse.
  • Visit and enter "sociology" or "social sciences" in the "Job Title, Skills, or Company" search box.  In addition to searching for job opportunities, visitors can also create an account with CareerBuilder, upload their résumés, and receive job recommendations from the site.
  • Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics at to obtain salary trends for a variety of specific occupations.

If you would like to talk to the Director of Academic Services in the Department of Sociology at UofL about careers in sociology, please contact Dr. Jonetta Weber.  She can also connect you with some of the faculty in the department who would be happy to talk to you about specific careers in sociology.