Parent-Child Interaction and Language Learning Lab

The Parent-Child Interaction and Language Learning Lab investigates speech perception and production in native and non-native speakers. Our long-term research goal is to understand cognitive mechanisms that underlie spoken language acquisition, using quantitative experimental methods to uncover these mechanisms and describe them within framework of linguistic and psychological theory. A particular focus of our lab research is the examination of interaction in mother-infant dyads with mismatched hearing status. Currently, we examine linguistic (prosodic, segmental, structural) and tactile modalities of interaction in dyads with normal-hearing parents and hearing-impaired infants and children who received cochlear implants and/or hearing aids.

Dr. Kondaurova is part of the Heuser Hearing Research Center (HHRC) which is open to many of Louisville's top audiologists, researchers and scientists. The HHRC conducts, promotes and distributes research on human hearing and hearing loss. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Heuser Hearing Institute's hearing serves building in downtown Louisville and is home to dedicated research facilities including two double-walled sound booths and a sound-field testing room.

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