Developing our Strategic Plan

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In fall 2018, University of Louisville President Neeli Bendapudi announced that the university would begin the process of developing a strategic plan to guide its actions in becoming a great place to learn, to work and in which to invest.

Beginning with recommendations from faculty, staff and students, and building on the university’s mission, vision and values, this nine-month process will be inclusive, open and transparent, incorporating input from campus constituencies and from the community UofL serves.

On August 27, 2019, the Board of Trustees adopted, in principle, the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

On September 23, 2019 the final 2019-2022 Strategic Plan [PDF] was unveiled to the campus community.

On November 16, 2020 the Strategic Plan Implementation Report Year One: 2019-2020 outlining our progress was shared with campus.

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