University Policies for 20F Syllabi

While students should carefully review their syllabus for course-specific policies, the following University policies and procedures apply to all undergraduate and graduate Fall, 2020 courses.

Academic Calendar

  • Per the academic calendar, classes will not be held on the following days:  Labor Day (September 7), Fall Break (October 5-6), Election Day (November 3), and Thanksgiving Break (November 25-29).  
    • Hybrid and other on-campus courses will be held online for Derby festivities (September 3-4) and after Thanksgiving (November 30-December 1).  
  • Students who observe work-restricted religious holy days must notify their instructor within the first two weeks of the semester to discuss accommodations.  The full policy and the 20-21 calendar of religious holy days is available here.
  • The last day to withdraw from a course without academic penalty is October 16.

Bad Weather Schedule

  • Bad weather or other university-wide class cancellations are generally announced by 6 AM for morning/day classes and by 3 PM for evening classes (i.e., those that begin on or after 4:15 PM) and will be posted to the main UofL webpage; sent as an email to all University faculty, staff, and students; and texted to those who have registered for University Alerts which provides weather and emergency alerts affecting the University. 
  • If the University announces it is on a delayed schedule, classes will be canceled up to a certain time of the day. For example, if classes are canceled up to 10 AM, classes which begin at or after 10 AM will operate per usual.  There is no bad weather schedule for distance education (online) courses.  Students should check Blackboard as soon as possible for announcements regarding any changes to the course calendar or course requirements as a result of class cancellations.

Disability Resource Center

The University of Louisville is committed to providing access to programs and services for qualified students with disabilities. Students with a disability who require accommodation to participate and complete requirements for a class should notify their instructor immediately and contact the Disability Resource Center (119 Stevenson Hall, 502.852.6938) for verification of eligibility and determination of specific accommodations.

Public Health Guidelines

Students are expected to abide by public health guidelines and regulations as published by the University.  For Fall, 2020, this includes (a) wearing a face covering (which shields the nose and mouth) when in shared indoor spaces (e.g., classrooms, hallways, etc.) or when physical distancing cannot be maintained; (b) practicing good hygiene by covering sneezes and coughs, washing hands frequently with soap and water (or hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available), disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and maintaining six feet physical distancing when possible; and (c) staying home when sick (and seeking medical attention if experiencing fever, consistent dry cough, or other symptoms of contagious disease).

Per the code of student conduct, a student who refuses to follow these guidelines may be asked to leave a classroom.  Faculty will help students meet these recommendations by (a) allowing for remote participation in class when necessary and practicable; (b) allowing students absent for reason of illness to make up missed work and not to penalize students for these absences; and (c) not requiring doctor’s notes for absences of less than the equivalent of two weeks of class.  (If the absences occur on the day of a scheduled assessment, the instructor and student must develop a plan to fulfill the requirements of the planned assessment - and the student may be asked to provide documentation for the absence.)

 Student Rights and Responsibilities

Title IX/Clery Act Notification

Per the University: Sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and any other nonconsensual behavior of a sexual nature) and sex discrimination violate University policies. Students experiencing such behavior may obtain confidential support from the PEACC Program (502.852.2663), Counseling Center (502.852.6585), and Campus Health Services (502.852.6479). To report sexual misconduct or sex discrimination, contact the Dean of Students (502.852.5787) or University of Louisville Police (502.852.6111).

Disclosure to University faculty or instructors of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, or sex discrimination occurring on campus, in a University-sponsored program, or involving a campus visitor or University student or employee (whether current or former) is not confidential under Title IX. Faculty and instructors must forward such reports, including names and circumstances, to the University’s Title IX officer. For more information, see the Sexual Misconduct Resource Guide.”


Faculty and instructors reserve the right to modify their individual course calendar, requirements, and/or topics as deemed necessary to meet learning objectives or compensate for weather contingencies or other circumstances.  Such changes will be posted to Blackboard and/or, if possible, announced in class.