Auto Insurance

The University Business Auto Insurance covers only vehicles rented, leased, or owned by the university, and used for official university business.


The University provides a Commercial Business Auto Policy. This policy provides automobile coverage for vehicles that are owned, leased or rented for the University.

If an employee is renting or leasing a vehicle for official University business, they should waive insurance offered by the Lessor. The lease or rental agreement should reflect the lessee or renter as the employee and the University of Louisville (i.e. University of Louisville/John Doe).

When renting a vehicle, a University auto insurance identification card should be in the driver's possession. Risk Management will obtain a Motor Vehicle Records Check (MVR) on the driver. Please have the Motor Vehicle Records Check Release Form (MVR) completed, signed, and sent to Risk Management at 852-6925. Please allow (3) days for processing.

Please note:  When traveling in a foreign country, it is advised that traveler's obtain vehicle insurance provided by the rental car agency.  When renting a vehicle, make sure that the University of Louisville is listed as the lessee (i.e. "John Doe/University of Louisville").


When an employee, student and/or volunteer is using their personal auto for official University business, the employee's, student's and/or volunteer's auto insurance is primary. The University's auto insurance would be excess only for liability.

Physical damage to an employee's, student's and/or volunteer's auto while driven on official University business, is not covered by the University's auto insurance. The university does not pay any out-of-pocket expenses for physical damage or any portion of an employee's, student's and/or volunteer's deductible.

Employees, when traveling to an event, should depart from their place of work. If the employee travels from their home, it could be considered normal travel to and from work, which is excluded from the University's insurance coverage. There could be exceptions to this, example: if the travel is directly to the event and is required by the University as part of the employee's employment. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact our office.


Anyone (University employee, student or volunteer) who drives a University owned, leased or rented vehicle, or drives their own vehicle on University business as part of their normal job duties should have a copy of the Motor Vehicle Record Check Release Form (MVR) on file with Risk Management. The form is sent to the University's insurance carrier, where a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check for the last three (3) years is conducted. The MVR is used with the following Driver's Guidelines to help determine a driver's eligibility under the University's auto insurance policy. Anyone driving a University owned, leased or rented vehicle MUST have a valid drivers license. No learner permits allowed.


Drivers can be University employees, students or volunteers. 
The following guidelines will be used to determine a driver's eligibility under the University's auto insurance policy. Drivers will not be eligible to drive a University vehicle if:

  • Driver's license is suspended or revoked
  • Driver has been convicted of one of more of the following within the last three (3) years  
    Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs  
    Hit and Run  
    Evading the Policy  
    Reckless Driving  
    Negligent homicide arising out of the use of a motor vehicle  
    Operating a vehicle during a period of suspension or revocation  
    Using a motor vehicle without owner's authority (grand theft)  
    Speed Contest or any combination of four (4) "as fault" accidents, "not at fault" accidents and/or moving violations

If a University employee, student or volunteer who drivers for the University or on university business loses their license or does not meet the University guidelines, please notify Risk Management immediately.

For more information regarding Auto Insurance please contact RISK MANAGEMENT.