About Me

My name is Stephen E. Edgell. I received my Ph.D. in mathematical psychology with a minor in statistics from Indiana University. My mentor was N. John Castellan. I also have an M.A. in mathematics. I provided consulting in statistics, experiment design, decision analysis, and computer software development, especially real time process control programs. I was a member of a number of professional organizations including: The Judgement and Decision Making Society (JDM), The Society for Mathematical Psychology, The American Statistical Association, The Cognitive Science Society, The Society for Medical Decision Making, The Society for Computers in Psychology (SCIP), The Psychometric Society, The Psychonomic Society, and The Society of the Sigma Xi. I was a founding member of JDM and of SCIP and was the first Secretary/Treasurer of JDM. I was the Newsletter editor for JDM. I'm listed in Who's Who in America, in Science and Engineering, in the World, and in Medicine and Healthcare. I am also a member of Project Steve. On 6/1/06, I had a bad stroke that left me paralyzed on the entire right side and thus, I am retired on disability.