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Select Media Coverage of our Research

UofL News, September 2019 ("UofL researchers studying ways to better engage STEM students")

UofL Today Radio Show, April 2018 (Exploratory learning)

UofL Today Radio Show, March 2018 (Working memory and problem solving)

LearningScientists.org, March 2018 ("Which should come first: Problem solving or instruction?")

Harvard Business Review, August 2015 ("The reason smart people sometimes struggle with 'Aha' moments")

NeuroNet Learning Research Blog, 2015 ("Combining mathematical instruction styles to improve children’s knowledge")

Chalkbeat TN, August 2014 ("Teaching concepts, not just skills, helps elementary students in math") 

BabyCenter, January 2014 ("Want to know the best way kids learn?")

Reflex Magazine, June 2012 ("From flow to choke")

Msnbc.com, August 2011 ("Don't choke! Why we buckle under pressure")

Huffington Post, August 2011 ("What does it mean to choke under pressure?")

KFWB News/Talk 980 (CBS, Los Angeles), August 2011