Suspension/Revocation of ProCard Privileges

Reasons to Suspend and/or Revoke ProCard Privileges

  • Failure to adhere to University policies and procedures
  • Failure to safeguard the ProCard from unauthorized use
  • Use of ProCard for non-University or personal purchases
  • Failure to keep all necessary documentation on ProCard transactions
  • Failure to reconcile monthly charges

Consequences of ProCard Misuse. Possible actions against cardholder include:

  • Surrender ProCard   -   privileges revoked.
  • Improper or fraudulent use of ProCard will result in disciplinary action, up to and including prosecution and termination of employment.
  • In all cases of fraudulent use of a ProCard, the University's Audit Services, Human Resources, Public Safety, and respective Dean/Vice President will be notified.  See Fiscal Misconduct Policy.