Lost or Stolen Cards

If a ProCard is lost or stolen, during working hours, immediately notify the ProCard Office at 852-9058 who will then contact PNC Bank. During non-business and weekend hours, immediately notify PNC Bank at 1-800-685-4039. If deemed necessary by the cardholder, notify the University Police, 24 hours a day, at 852-6111. University Police may write a report, depending on the circumstances.

When contacting PNC Bank, cardholders should not request that a reissued card be sent to their office. All reissued card requests must be sent to the attention of the ProCard Office at the corporate address on file with PNC Bank via FedEx delivery for tracking purposes. Once the ProCard Office has received the new card, the cardholder will be notified.

Submit the electronic Lost or Stolen Card Notification Form to the ProCard Office.