Internet Purchases

All current restrictions to ProCard use also apply to the use of the card for Internet transactions.

On-line purchases must be made with vendors using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) browser session.  There are several ways to confirm that a secure area has been accessed.  All SSL capable browsers have a symbol to indicate secure mode, but the secure mode may not appear until going further into the web site.

To find out if your transaction is guarded by SSL, look for the picture of the unbroken key or closed lock in your browser window. Either indicator means SSL is activated. If you don’t see either sign, or if you see a broken key or an open lock, the SSL is not working to protect your transaction.

Another quick way to see if SSL is guarding your transaction is to check the URL of the site you are visiting. It should change from “http” to “https” when processing secure transactions.

Receipt documentation must be maintained to support the Internet order.

  • Websites that present an on-line receipt, reflecting the billing amount and a company logo or name will serve as proper documentation. Simply print the on-screen document.
  • Websites that reflect the billing amount only will serve as proper documentation by printing the on-screen receipt and then writing the company name on the document.
  • Websites that do not present an on-line receipt can still be utilized. The customer should print screens that reflect the items being purchased and the amount, and then ensuring that transaction date, vendor, and other pertinent information is recorded on the printed documentation.