Characterization Data

Characterization Data for Selected Processes and Tools

Plasma Enhances Chemical Vapor Deposition(PECVD) date for Oxford PECVD PS100. Deposition data available for SiO2, Si3N4,SiC,PolySi.

PECVD Characterization Data 


Stress measurement for PECVD deposition using the TOHO FLX-2320-S TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT

PECVD Si3N4 Stress Control and Rate Data  


Deposition rate date for the Lesker PVD75 sputtering system. Material deposition rate for SnO2,Ti/Pt,Cr/Au,Ta,Al,Cu,Ni,Cr,TiW,Fe2O3

Sputtering Characterization Data


Atomic Layer Depostion (ALD) deposition data for the BENEQ TFS-200 ALD. Deposition data included for SiO2,Al2O3,ZnO,TiO2.

ALD Characterization Data


Silicon Dioxide Plasma Etch Guide for Trion and March plasma etching 

Plasma etch rates of SiO2


Aluminum Plasma Etch Guide in the Trion Metal Etcher

Al Plasma Etch Guide

Photoresist Profile Study: Characterization of Shipley S1827 and AZ4620 for DRIE

S1827 and AZ4620 Profiles for DRIE