A Disco programmable saw for dicing silicon, glass and alternative substrates up to a 6” diameter.

Wire Bonding

Soffa wedge, ball and deep access wire bonders for aluminum and gold 1-mil wire bonding.

Flip Chip Packaging

A Finetech Fineplacer “Pico” system for flip chip die placement accuracy up to 5 microns. This tool can accommodate surface-mount components SMCs with a side length up to 17 mm.

Printed Circuit Boards

An LPKF automated milling system for custom printed circuit boards (PCB) with a resolution of 100 microns and hole diameters down to 150 um. A vacuum table and fiducial recognition camera system ensure precise front-to-back registration. Applications include through-hole and surface mount PCBs, stencils, templates and engraved panels.