Etching, Machining, & Bonding

Deep Reactive Ion Etch (Silicon)

A 4" wafer SPTS DRIE tool for anisotropic (vertical only) silicon deep trench etching using the Bosch process. This tool has a pulsed plate bias to minimize “footing” at oxide etch stops.

Anisotropic Silicon Wet Etching

KOH and TMAH wet etchants for silicon substrates.

Plasma RIE Etching

A Trion ICP Phantom Minilock III Etcher for etching nitrides, oxides, polymers, metal, compound semiconductor and other materials using fluorine (CHF3, SF6, CF4), oxygen and corrosive (Cl2 and BCl3) chemistries.

Xenon Di-Fluoride Etching

A Xactix XeF2 system for isotropic (vertical and lateral) dry etching of silicon microstructures prone to stiction.

HF Vapor Release Etch Primaxx

uEtch HF vapor etch release technology is used to remove sacrificial silicon oxide layers, primarily to release silicon microstructures in MEMS devices.

Wafer Level Bonding/Hot Embossing

A Suss SB6e for wafer level bonding of silicon/glass anodic bonding or hot embossing. All processes are capable of a 5-micron alignment with our adjacent Suss MA6/BA6 mask aligner.

Critical Point Dryer

A critical point CO2 dryer for drying substrates, where stiction can be removed.

Chemical Mechanical Polishing System (CMP)

Logitech’s chemical mechanical polishing systems are highly versatile and are designed for use in polishing applications where geometric precision and surface quality are of paramount importance.