FOM- Facility Online Manager

The MNTC, a non-profit facility supported solely by users, has an electronic logging system. Currently, 80% of the equipment in the cleanroom and imaging laboratory are controlled by the Facility Online Manager (FOM) system - an online accounting and instrument management software + online scheduler for all facilities inside of cleanroom. Only users who are granted access to the cleanroom or imaging laboratory will have a FOM account.

How to create a new FOM account:

  1. Please read the instructions/SOP on how to create FOM account.

  2. Go to FOM website.

  3. Click "I am a new user" to register a new user name.

  4. Fill out the form to add your department/supervisor, Account number = Speed Type (this you should get from your supervisor/professor).

In order to properly track equipment usage, you are as a user required to:

  • LOG IN and LOG OUT to you FOM account when you use the equipment. You will be charged accordingly to the time recorder by FOM.

  • TRACK all your activity in the log book.

  • In case of any fee ERRORS, you must bring them to the attention of the managing as soon as possible.