UofL Cancer Education Program Students Present Invited Talks at International Cancer Conference

Christian Bradley and Tiana Martin delivered invited presentations of their cancer research projects at the Biennial Science of Global Prostate Cancer Disparities in Black Men Conference, University of Florida Health Cancer Center, Orlando, Fl, November 12, 2016.

Christian Bradley, a graduate of Howard University, presented:  "Immune and Inflammatory Sequence Variants Jointly Modify Prostate Cancer Among Men of African Descent".

Tiana Martin, an undergraduate student enrolled at Spelman College presented: "Non-synergistic Interaction Along the CCR5-CXCR5-CCR7 Axis and Prostate Cancer".

Both Christian and Tiana carried out their research projects in the University of Louisville Cancer Education Program under the direction of Dr. La Creis Kidd, Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Our Highest Potential Endowed Chair in Cancer Research.

Christian Bradley