UofL Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Students Top Award Recipients at 2020 annual meeting of the Ohio Valley Society of Toxicology

Names of the award winners, laboratory and research topic, and award category:

Lexiao Jin - (PhD graduate and now postdoc in lab of Dr. Daniel Conklin)

  • "Electronic Cigarette Solvents, Pulmonary Irritants and Endothelial Dysfunction: Role of Acetaldehyde and Formaldehyde"
  • PostdoctoralPlatform presentation 

Qian Lin (PhD graduate and now postdoc in lab of Dr. Yi Tan)

  • "An Endocrinized Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 Variant Prevents and Reverses NAFLD via Activating AMPK-mediated Pathways"
  • Postdoctoral Poster presentation

Haiyan Lu - (PhD student in lab of Dr. John Wise Sr.)

  • “Whale Cells Are Resistant to Cr(VI)-Induced Loss of Homologous Recombination Repair”
  • Tox on the Clock- 2nd place

Andre Richardson – (PhD student in lab of Dr. Daniel Conklin)

  • “Do Aldehydes in Conventional Tobacco Smoke Stimulate Platelet-mononuclear Cell Aggregation in vivo?”
  • Doctoral student poster-1st place

Raúl A. Salazar-González- (Postdoc in lab of Dr. David Hein)

  • "Acetylation of Arylamine N-Acetyltransferase 1 in Breast Cancer as a Regulator of Catalytic Activity and Expression"
  • PostdoctoralPlatform presentation 


Jennifer Toyoda – (PhD student in lab of Dr. John Wise Sr.)

  • “Hexavalent Chromium Decreases Securin Expression and Increases Separase Substrate Cleavage in Human Lung Cells”
  • Graduate Student Platform-1st place

Aggie Williams - (PhD student in lab of Dr. John Wise Sr.)

  • “Rad51 Paralogs Are Key Targets for Loss of Homologous Recombination Repair in Metal Carcinogenesis”
  • Masters Student Poster- 1st place


Jamie Young - (PhD student in lab of Dr. Lu Cai)

  • “Zinc Supplementation Rescues Cadmium-exacerbated, High Fat Diet-induced NAFLD”
  • Tox on the Clock- 1st place