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The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology will ensure academic excellence and to the attainment of regional, national, and international recognition for the quality of its educational, research, and service activities. Guided by the University of Louisville and School of Medicine Strategic Plans, the mission of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology focuses on five broad objectives:

  • Provide instruction in pharmacology and toxicology of the highest quality for the education and preparation of medical, dental, and other health care professional students. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental principles necessary for life-long learning and the essential knowledge required for rational, effective, and safe use of drug therapy.
  • Advance biomedical knowledge through high quality research and other scholarly activities, particularly in pharmacology and toxicology and other areas of focus within the University of Louisville and School of Medicine Strategic Plans.
  • Provide robust research and educational experiences in pharmacology and toxicology for the education and training of future biomedical scientists who will provide and advance biomedical education, research, and service.
  • Provide instruction of the highest quality in pharmacology and toxicology appropriate for students at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.
  • Provide service to the School of Medicine, the Health Sciences Center, the University of Louisville and the surrounding region, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, professional organizations, the nation, and the world.


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