UofL Cancer Education Program Alumni Present Research at ACC Meetings of the Minds

Alumni of the UofL Cancer Education Program were well represented at the recent ACC Meeting of the Minds held at the University of Louisville.  Five of the six students from UofL presenting their research were alumni of the program, including Noela Botaka from the 2017 cohort and Lloyd Bartley, Caleb Bridgwater, Alisha Deshmukh, and Kennedy Walls from the 2018 cohort.

For information about the ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference, see http://www.uoflnews.com/post/uofltoday/acc-students-bring-their-research-to-uofl-this-weekend-for-meeting-of-the-minds/

For information about the students and their cancer research projects, see http://louisville.edu/medicine/departments/pharmacology/research/nci-r25-cancer-education/student-trainee-cohorts-by-year

For information about the UofL Cancer Education Program, see http://louisville.edu/medicine/departments/pharmacology/research/nci-r25-cancer-education