NCI Cancer Education Program Students Receive Best Poster Awards at 2017 Research!Louisville

NCI Cancer Education Program Norbert J. Burzynski Award Professional Student Category

3rd place: Taylor Q. Nguyen  “Development of novel diagnostic methodologies for diagnosis and monitoring in melanoma” Mentor: Nichola Garbett

2nd place: Emily Martin  “Laser-Irradiated “Binary Bomb” Nanoparticles with Encapsulated Gold Nanorods and Chemotherapeutics selectively mediate Hepatocellular Carcinoma Apoptosis” Mentor: Robert CG Martin

1st place: Cecily Allen  “Understanding the Role of Hydralazine as an Epigenetic Cancer Therapy in Relation to N-Acetyltransferase Acetylator Phenotype” Mentor: David Hein

NCI Cancer Education Program Norbert J. Burzynski Award Undergraduate Student Category

3rd place: Megan Peterson  “Evaluating the Potential of Two Copper-Containing Compounds to Selectively Target Cancer Cells” Mentor: Paula Bates

2nd place: Roxana Gonzalez-Ramos  “Enhancement of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Virotherapy via Alkylating Agent-Induced Autophagy” Mentor: Jorge Gomez-Guttierez

1st place: Sarah McQuaide  “Genotypic Analysis of Mammary Carcinoma Susceptibility 3 Nominated Gene Expression Levels in Rat Mammary Glands” Mentor: David Samuelson

Photos of the award winners can be viewed here.

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