Stipends / Benefits

Stipend Amounts (2023-2024)
Post Graduate Level 1$ 59,488.12$ 4,957.34
Post Graduate Level 2$ 61,711.24$ 5,142.60
Post Graduate Level 3$ 63,703.79$ 5,308.65
Post Graduate Level 4$ 66,581.66$ 5,548.47
Post Graduate Level 5$ 69,808.68$ 5,817.39
Post Graduate Level 6$ 72,959.56$ 6,079.96
Post Graduate Level 7$ 75,995.13$ 6,332.93
Post Graduate Level 8$ 80,034.62$ 6,669.55

Stipend rates based on 3% increase for all PG levels

House Staff Benefits Guide

PGY-1 Year

1) Orthopaedic Surgical Approaches by Mark Miller
2) Clinical Orthopaedic Examination by Ronald McRae
3) Orthopaedic Surgery: Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment
4) Orthopaedic Imaging: A Practical Approach by Adam Greenspan
5) Key Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery by Steven Stern
6) AAOS Orthopaedic Basic Science
7) AAOS ResStudy (for OITE Review)
8) 2 Lab Coats
9) Leaded Glasses
10) Loupes ($600 stipend)
11) AO Basic Course (Synthes)
12) Dissection Lab
13) Musculoskeletal Oncology Course
14) Ortho Camp
15) Orthobullets OITE 85 Day Study Plan
16) 4 weeks of vacation per year
17) Meal vouchers when on ULH Night Call

PGY-2 Year

1) Lovell and Winter’s Pediatric Orthopaedics – 2 Volume Set
2) KY License Fee
3) DEA Fee
4) Musculoskeletal Oncology Course
5) Orthobullets OITE 85 Day Study Plan
6) AAOS ResStudy (for OITE Review)
7) Meal vouchers when on ULH Night Call
8) Microsurgery Course
9) AO Advanced Course (Synthes)

PGY-3 Year

1) 1 Lab Coat
2) Musculoskeletal Oncology Course
3) AANA Course
4) KY License Fee
5) Orthobullets OITE 85 Day Study Plan
6) AAOS ResStudy (for OITE Review)
7) Meal vouchers when on ULH Night Call

PGY-4 Year

1) KY License Fee
2) Musculoskeletal Oncology Course
3) OTA Annual Meeting (Stryker)
4) Orthobullets OITE 85 Day Study Plan
5) AAOS ResStudy (for OITE Review)
6) Course of choice
7) 10 business days to attend fellowship interviews

PGY-5 Year

1) Acing the Orthopaedic Surgery Exam, $99.95
2) Miller Review Course
3) Oakstone Ortho Surgery Board Review
4) Orthobullets OITE 85 Day Study Plan
5) AAOS Annual Meeting
6) AOA Resident Leadership Forum (for Chief Resident)
7) Standard Chair
8) DEA Renewal
9) KY License
10) IN License
11) AAOS ResStudy (for OITE Review)


The Department will fund the following courses
AO Basic (may be taken as a PGY-2)Microsurgery CourseAANA Arthroscopy CourseCourse of ChoiceAAOS
 AO Advanced  Miller Review
The Department will also fund resident travel for any resident who has a scientific paper accepted for presentation at a national meeting. The research paper may not have been presented at any other conference and the abstract must be reviewed at the Department Business Meeting prior to approval.


Occupational Health Services

Campus Health Services located in the HCOC and at Cardinal Station offers a compressive list of services designed to meet the needs of our students, residents and fellows in training. Services are billed to the individual’s commercial insurance, workers’ compensation or covered by the GME or student fees. Generally, no out of pocket expenses.

  • Blood-borne pathogen exposure evaluations, post-exposure treatment and follow up.
  • Infectious Disease Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (meningococcal meningitis, pertussis)
  • Respiratory Fit Testing Program
  • Medical Surveillance Program for researchers
  • Workers compensation injuries or illnesses
  • Fitness for duty exams
  • Drug Screening
  • Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Program and Compliance
  • Bloodborne pathogen training
  • Respirator and PAPR training
  • Pre-Employment examinations
  • Specialized vaccine services (Smallpox vaccine, etc)
  • Occupational Health Program Consultations