Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) at University of Louisville Hospital is a dedicated, state-of-the-art, 4-bed facility and the most important component of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.

The EMU provides:

  • Prolonged video-EEG monitoring services to patients having epileptic seizures and spells resembling seizures
  • Leading-edge technology that allows for continuous, synchronized recording of EEG (brain waves) and video/audio of seizures
  • Accurate determination of seizure type
  • Accurate identification of the brain area from which seizures arise

A family member is encouraged to accompany the patient throughout his or her stay.

The unit features large, comfortable private rooms that are fully equipped and monitored 24/7 by epilepsy center staff.

During monitoring in the EMU, seizure medications may be decreased or temporarily discontinued. Prior to discharge from the hospital, medications are reintroduced and/or modified based on the information obtained.

The University Hospital EMU is staffed 24 hours by technologists and nurses who are specially trained to care for epilepsy patients.

The EMU is dedicated to providing quality care, diagnoses and treatment for epilepsy patients.

For more info, visit https://uoflhospital.org/services/epilepsy-center