Clinical Research Program Overview

The University of Louisville Department of Neurology has a very innovative and active clinical research program. We are committed to bringing the highest quality clinical research initiatives to the University of Louisville, the City of Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our faculty and staff are pursuing the latest cutting edge therapies and treatments for all neurological diseases and conditions. In our partnership with the University of Louisville Hospital, we are advancing our knowledge in the areas of acute stroke treatments, potential therapies to treat Multiple Sclerosis and acute seizure and headache treatments. The Division of Pediatric Neurology is also very active in research and we are working to ensure that the treatments used in children are as safe and effective as they are for adults. We work closely with Norton Children’s Hospital and are steadfast in our dedication to providing the best scientific information and evidence on the safety and effectiveness of treatments for neurological disorders in children.

Federally Funded Research

Robert P. Friedland, M.D. "Genetic of Alzhemier's Disease in Israeli Arabs" (AG0173173)