Child Neurology Directory

The Division of Child Neurology provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for infants and children with disorders of the nervous system. Inpatient care is provided at Norton Children’s Hospital, the region's only free-standing pediatric hospital. Norton Healthcare and the University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics and other non-DOP pediatric service lines, including, child neurology integrated to form Norton Children's Medical Group (NCMG) affiliated with the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Outpatient care is provided at a NCMG affiliated facitlity, Novak Norton Children’s Hospital and at University of Louisville Physicians Child Neurology, which is attached to Norton Children’s Hospital via pedway.



To schedule an appointment for an outpatient consultation, ask your health care provider to contact us with referral information at:

Norton Children's Medical Group- Novak Center
Child Neurology Division
411 East Chestnut Street Suite 645
Louisville, KY 40202
Vinay Puri, M.D.Child Neurology Faculty
Gregory N. Barnes, M.D., Ph.D.Child Neurology Faculty
Chris Barton, M.D.Child Neurology Faculty
Martin E. Brown, M.D., M.Sc.Child Neurology Faculty
Elizabeth Doll, M.D.Child Neurology Faculty
Anna Ehret, M.D.Child Neurology Faculty
Darren Farber, D.O.Child Neurology Faculty
Pradeep Javarayee, M.D.Child Neurology Faculty
Samir Karia, M.D.Child Neurology Faculty
Michael L. Sweeney, MDChild Neurology Faculty
Michael Sowell, M.D., FAHSChild Neurology Faculty
Brooke Threlkeld, PsyDChild Neurology Faculty
Angela Bishop, ARNP, CFNPChild Neurology Staff
Stephanie Sims, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Paula Johnson, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Natalie Williams, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Allison Spine, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Lauren Evanczyk, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Genevieve Mulkins, DNPChild Neurology Staff
Elleanor Gray, DNPChild Neurology Staff
Kristen Riley, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Stephanie Wagner, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Jennifer Linville, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Kathryn Gallegos, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Kristi Mattingly, APRNChild Neurology Staff
Vanessa Ruppe, APRNChild Neurology Staff