Clinical Research

Who We Are

The Department of Neurology at the University of Louisville School Of Medicine is committed to participating in innovative clinical and translational research. The pediatric division has its own, dedicated, clinical research coordinators, who are part of the neurology research division.

The pediatric research coordinators are supported by an experienced and committed division manager, and an administrative assistant. It is outfitted with all of the equipment and resources necessary, to accommodate most types of clinical trials, and also collaborates with Kosair Children’s Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (KCPCRU), for inpatient studies. For a thorough description of the U of L research team, as well as its functions and accommodations, please visit our webpage at:

Research Services Offered

For anyone wishing to conduct or participate in a clinical research trial or investigator-initiated study, the University of Louisville provides many helpful services. They are able to provide administrative services, clinical support, and education for clinical trials, through the Office of Clinical Research Support and Services. They also provide support for contracting and budgeting of clinical trials. Furthermore, the University has its own IRB, the Human Subject’s Protection Program Office. Listed below, are links to the various departments that serve the University of Louisville in our research endeavors.

  • U of L Office of Clinical Research Support and Services (OCRSS)
  • U of L Office of Industry Contracts (OIC)
  • U of L Human Subjects Protections Program Office (HSPPO)
    • Administrative office for U of L’s two Institutional Review Boards.
    • These IRBs conduct oversight for research involving human subjects at U of L, U of L Health Care & Partners, Norton Healthcare, and Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare.