Interstitial Lung Disease

The University of Louisville Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Program is dedicated to the management and study of diffuse lung diseases that injure and scar the structures of the lung critical for gas exchange.

Interstitial lung diseases are progressive, some are uniformly fatal, and there are limited therapeutic options for most.

Significant advances in the treatment and management of these complex and challenging diseases are best approached by individuals with the clinical and scientific expertise to bring about these advances.

The UofL Interstitial lung disease program is to provide the most advanced therapies and multidisciplinary management of patients with interstitial lung diseases with seamless integration of pulmonary rehabilitation, transplantation, and research.

We also look to to practice superior care of individuals with interstitial lung diseases and to be nationally and internationally recognized for the development of novel management strategies and research in the field of interstitial lung disease.

► For information about the UofL ILD Program, clinical trials, and the Pulmonary Fibrosis Care Center Network, please contact our office at 502-852-1358. To schedule an appointment, please call 502-588-4710.