Lung Nodule Clinic

The University of Louisville Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Pulmonary Division is committed to offering the community a state-of-the-art Lung Nodule Clinic.

We utilize the latest and least invasive technologies to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis. Our multidisciplinary team, coordinated by Drs. Rodrigo Cavallazzi and Umair Gauhar, consists of experts trained to formulate an individualized diagnostic and treatment plan for the lung nodule.

The goal is to achieve seamless clinical care, access to the latest therapies, and faster translation of research discoveries into clinical practice to improve patient outcomes.

A pulmonary nodule is a small spot (less than 3 cm in diameter) found in the lung. Most nodules cause no symptoms and thus, and most patients are surprised to learn that they have an abnormality in their lung.

Nodules are predominantly found incidentally when chest imaging studies are performed for other reasons or they may be found during a screening chest computed tomography of the lungs in high risk patients (smokers, family history, or age greater than 55 years).

The good news is that most nodules are benign and are usually scars from previous infections. However, because some can be cancerous, a rapid and accurate diagnosis is crucial to successful treatment.

At the University of Louisville's Lung Nodule Clinic you will see experts who specialize in the area of lung nodules and are up to date on the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities available. You can be ensured you will be receiving the very best care in a comforting, stress-free environment.

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For more information of the UofL Lung Nodule Clinic, or to schedule an appointment, please call 502-588-4710.


To speak with a physician, contact Dr. Rodrigo Cavallazzi or Dr. Umair Gauhar at 502-852-5841.

Meet our Lung Nodule team: