ACGME Curriculum Requirements


The following is a list of the curriculum requirements as listed by the ACGME. Our curriculum is designed to provide training in these areas.

  1. Anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of exercise
  2. Basic nutritional principles and their application to exercise
  3. Psychological aspects of exercise, performance, and competition
  4. Guidelines for evaluation prior to participation in exercise and sport
  5. Physical conditioning requirements for various activities
  6. Special considerations related to age, gender, and disability
  7. Pathology and pathophysiology of illness and injury as they relate
    to exercise
  8. Effects of disease, eg, diabetes, cardiac conditions, arthritis, on
    exercise and the use of exercise in the care of medical problems
  9. Prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of injuries
  10. Understanding pharmacology and effects of therapeutic,
    performance-enhancing, and mood-altering drugs
  11. Promotion of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles
  12. Functioning as a team physician
  13. Ethical principles as applied to exercise and sports
  14. Medical-legal aspects of exercise and sports
  15. Environmental effects on exercise
  16. Growth and development related to exercise
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