Student Resources


REACH provides FREE academic services and specific support programs to enable students to better prepare and adapt to college life and to enhance their academic skills and performance in college courses. We encourage and support students in developing successful college careers. Additional resources related to student affairs may be found HERE.

Counseling Services

Counseling and mental health services are provided for a variety of problems and circumstances including (but not limited to) abrupt life changes, depression, anxiety, academic difficulties, substance abuse, relationship issues, financial stressors, and adjusting to recent trauma or accidents. 

  • HSC students are allowed to directly contact a psychiatrist without a prior referral.
  • Services are FREE for HSC students
  • Access to service is VOLUNTARY. Some administration policies will allow faculty and staff to recommend strongly that a student meet with an HSC counselor or physician, but each student can discuss with a dean's representative his or her choice to refuse the referral.
  • Services are CONFIDENTIAL. Information will only be shared when written consent is granted to the service provider, or in any case which raises the duty to report the possibility of danger.

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY, we want to help, but acting in the proper order is important for the best results. Please contact Health Science Center (HSC) Counseling Services for such life threatening emergencies AFTER live, voice-to-voice contact has been made with an emergency responder at one of the following locations:

  • The HSC U of L Suicide Prevention Hotline - 502- 852-PREV (502-852-7738) Caller should identify self as associated with U of L and ask to speak to a clinician. Follow any instructions exactly.
  • Emergency Psychiatric Services (EPS) - 502-562-3120 Caller should identify self as associated with U of L and ask to speak to a clinician.Follow any instructions exactly.
  • 911; Follow any instructions exactly.

Click HERE to access the HSC Counseling Services Website.

Research Resources

Financial Assistance

  • Julia McGee Lamberth Scholarship

We are pleased to again announce the award of the Julia McGee Lamberth Scholarship, available for Speech Pathology Core Students.  Julia M. Lamberth, who received her degree at Southern Methodist University, was a practicing speech pathologist in Dallas, Texas, at the time of her untimely death on January 29, 1978.  Her family has designated this fund as a memorial for the purposes of recognizing outstanding students majoring in speech-language pathology at the University of Louisville.

These funds shall be granted to student(s) based on character, scholarship and financial need as demonstrated by the student’s FAFSA application and a personal statement. The Program Director will make recommendations of the applicants to the Donor.

Contact for additional information.

  • Student Assistantships (Stipends)

The Speech-Language Pathology program offers a limited number of student assistantships/stipends each year.  Students are assigned to a faculty or staff member for an academic year. The awards are applied to the student's tuition account and are in exchange for approximately five hours of work per week.

Contact for additional information

  • Other Financial Aid Opportunities

American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

University of Louisville Financial Aid Office.

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Campus Health Services

Campus Health Services provide both preventive and acute care for students, plus:

  • Women's health services
  • Psychiatric services, including medication management
  • Travel medicine
  • Free flu shots
  • Immunizations
  • Allergy shots
  • Specialist referrals & coordination of care with off-site specialists
  • Student health insurance program
  • Health insurance billing and advocacy
  • Health promotion events and activities
  • Sexual assault and violence prevention, intervention and assistance

Click HERE to access Campus Health Services.