Faculty and Staff

Core and Preparatory Faculty

Alan F. Smith, EdD, CCC/SLP | Associate Professor | Division Chief & SLP Program Director

Anne Blandford, SLPD, CCC/SLP | Assistant Professor | Director of Clinical Education

Rhonda Mattingly Williams, EdD, CCC/SLP | Professor

Suzanne King, PhD, CCC/SLP | Assistant Professor

Karen Barako Arndt, PhD, CCC/SLP | Assistant Professor

Haley Fulk, MA, CCC/SLP, CBIS | Instructor

Alice Inman, MS, CCC/SLP, BCS-S | Part-Time Lecturer

Cheryl Donaldson, MEd, CCC/SLP | Part-Time Lecturer

Sarah Whyte, MS, CCC/SLP, ATP, CBIS | Part-Time Lecturer

Brittany Seiffert, AuD, CCC/A | Part-Time Lecturer

Brittany Brose, AuD, CCC/A | Part-Time Lecturer

Maria Kondaurova, PhD | Part-Time Lecturer


Angela Waldeck

Rowena Blakemore