Meet Our Current Students!

Take a look at "A Day in the Life" of our AuD students!

Also click here for a "Day in the Life" through the first year students' BeReals.  


Class of 2023

From left: Michaela McIntosh, Eleni Zarvos, Meredith Del Castillo, Karsin Spinks, Victoria Bohrer, Logan Bowen, Hannah Decker, Elizabeth Medlock, Stacy Garrard, and Tiffany Hoskins

Not Pictured: Maggie Spiegel

Class of 2024

From left: David Yeager, Kingsley Warrington, Kathleen Parnell, and Hailea Harper


Class of 2025


Back row from left: Keeler Pansing, Emily Shupe, Audie Gilchrist, Caroline Nuss, Caitlin Greer, Margaret Hendricks, Kaylee Skipper, Michele Carden, Zachary Mattingly, Brianna Fields

Front row from left: Emily Cullum, Bailey LaPaugh, Annie Burns, Yana Clarke, Erin Holcomb, Katie Allen 

Class of 2026

Back row from left: Phillip Friggle, Devyn Cunningham, Emily Keller, Josie Kinder,  Paige Ferguson, Sophia Turbyville

Front row from left: Camryn McClure, Emmy Jones, Hannah Amburgey, Clare Fults, Anna Grace O'Donell