Doctor of Audiology

  The Doctor of Audiology (AuD) education program (residential) in audiology at University of Louisville is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2200 Research Boulevard #310, Rockville, MD 20850, 800-498-2071 or 301-296-5700.

The Doctor of Audiology degree program is a four-year post-bachelor's degree program designed to provide students with the academic and clinical background necessary to enter audiologic practice. The Au.D. program at the University of Louisville draws on the clinical activities of the Louisville Medical Center to provide an exciting educational experience in a dynamic medical environment. The program is physically located at the University of Louisville Health Sciences Campus and administratively located in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery & Communicative Disorders..

The faculty are committed to the clinical focus of the Au.D. degree and endeavor to bring real-world experiences to bear on the teaching environment. The faculty and staff of the Audiology Section actively participate in the provision of clinical services in both hospital and private practice arenas. Students benefit from the continuity of service across the practice environments as well as the opportunity to interact with faculty, residents and medical students from other disciplines such as otolaryngology, speech pathology and pediatrics. Students also have the opportunity to participate in ongoing clinical research projects.

State Licensure

Each state determines its own requirements for licensure. Links to information about each state, its licensure requirements and audiology associations are available on the ASHA website on their States Overview page. Students will fulfill the state licensure academic requirements upon graduation.


KSHA 2024

Congratulations to Zach Mattingly for placing 3rd Poster Presentation at KSHA 2024!

Zach Mattingly (center) was awarded 3rd Place in Student Poster Presentation at KSHA 2024. Zach presented his capstone project, "The Importance of Remote Microphone Transparency Measurements." He was joined by Kaylee Skipper (left) and  Emily Shupe (right), who also presented their capstone projects during the KSHA 2024 Poster Presentations. Great job, everyone!



Congratulations to Audie Gilchrist for receiving the

Spring 2024 HearingLife Scholarship!

HearingLife graciously provides a scholarship to one audiology graduate clinician at the University of Louisville. This scholarship is awarded to a student who is interested in working to help more people hear better by providing personalized hearing care to the public after graduation. 



Check it out! Dr. Brittany Brose  completed a radio interview to discuss vertigo, dizziness, and other ailments related to ear problems! Check out her interview here!






This is a typical 4 year curriculum.  Some courses alternate years so you may take your coursework in a different order.

Read the course descriptions for more information about audiological course work.

Year One

FallAUDI 600Anatomy & Physiology for Communication Sciences3
AUDI 604Essential Techniques in Audiometry3
AUDI 606Acoustics3
AUDI 614Clinical Techniques in Audiology I1
AUDI 610Clinical Clerkship I1
Total Credits11
SpringAUDI 626Assessment & Management of Vestibular Disorders3
AUDI 624Amplification Technology3
AUDI 622Electrophysiologic Techniques in Audiology3
AUDI 615Clinical Techniques II2
AUDI 610Clinical Clerkship I1
Total Credits12
SummerAUDI 629Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Hearing Devices4
AUDI 630Amplification Selection & Fitting3
AUDI 636Pediatric Audiology3
AUDI 610Clinical Clerkship I1
Total Credits11

Year Two

FallAUDI 650Research Methods3
AUDI 648Hearing Science I3
AUDI 621Audiologic Rehabilitation4
AUDI 620Clinical Clerkship II2
Total Credits12
SpringAUDI 627Tinnitus2
AUDI 646Medical Audiology4
AUDI 620Clinical Clerkship II2
AUDI 660Investigation in Audiologic Practices1
Total Credits9
SummerAUDI 632Professional Issues in Audiology2
AUDI 652Prevention of Hearing Loss2
AUDI 660Investigation in Audiologic Practice1
AUDI 635Audiology Internship 4
Total Credits9

Year Three

FallAUDI 656Practice Management in Audiology4
AUDI 679Special Topics in Audiology2
AUDI 635Audiology Internship4
AUDI 660Investigation in Audiologic Practice1
Total Credits11
SpringAUDI 612Pathology of the Auditory- Vestibular System3
AUDI 635Audiology Internship4
AUDI 638Educational Audiology3
AUDI 660Investigation in Audiologic Practice1
Total Credits 11
Summer DOCT 600**Doctoral Candidacy0


Year Four

FallDOCT 600(Externship)0
SpringDOCT 600(Externship)0

** Full time status

Total Program Credits

The student will accumulate a total of 86 credits in both core coursework and practicum. Additional hours will be earned if elective coursework is taken.


4th Year Project

The student will complete a 4th year project as a requirement for the AUDI 660 class. The purpose of the project is to enable the student to learn the necessary steps in designing, implementing, and reporting substantive activities that provide the foundation on which audiologic practice is based.


Doctor of Audiology Program
University of Louisville

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Phone: (502) 852-5274
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