BioBridges LLC


Interested in biology but not sure where to start? The BioBridges LLC is an academic community that fosters fun and interest in “all things biological”. As a BioBridge-LLC student, you will build a strong community, have access to mentorship by current postdoctoral research fellows and peers, meet faculty outside of classes, increase awareness to potential research experiences in labs within the biology department, get study support and broaden your interests and career goals in the life sciences.

Location: Belknap Village South

Advisors: , , , and


  • Participate in an included field excursion to the Indiana Dunes Research Center
  • Do engaged research projects
  • Build community with other incoming biology majors
  • Professional development programming designed to meet the needs of students pursuing a career in the biological sciences (e.g., learning how to build your resume)
  • Learn about the diverse opportunities available to a biology major – get to know faculty from biology and other sciences, gain access to mentorship by biology post-doctoral research fellows, access to peer-mentorhip programs with second year undergraduates in biology, build community and support networks with fellow biology majors, learn more about professional school requirements, graduate school ad career options post graduation as a biology major
  • Enhance your academics through focused study groups, field trips, bio movie nights, guest speakers, research experiences, and much more!

Who can apply?

Full-time student, majoring in any Biology program (BA or BS) or interested in a career in the biological sciences and building the skills and network needed to achieve their educational and professional goals.

Required Courses


  • BIOL 240-07: Unity of Life


  • BIOL 242-02: Diversity of Life

Meet Your Advisor

BioBridges LLC Advisor Sarah Emery

  1. Advisor Name: Sarah Emery
  2. Advisor Pronouns: she/her/hers
  3. Advisor Contact Information (Email Preferred):
  4. Advisor Brief Biography: Sarah Emery is a full professor and plant ecologist in the Biology Department at UofL. She is particularly interested in understanding how plants and fungi respond to global change. Her lab group works in a variety of systems including Great Lakes sand dunes, agricultural fields, and urban green spaces. Dr. Emery teaches upper-level courses in ecology at UofL and involves many undergraduates in research in her lab. In her personal time, Dr. Emery enjoys hiking, gardening, crocheting, reading historical fiction, and being a mom to two great kids.
  5. Advice for LLC/TC Students: Don't be scared of your professors! Most of us love teaching, and we want you to succeed as a student! Challenge yourself to go to office hours, ask questions in class, attend department social events, and apply for research positions.