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University of Louisville’s Student Financial Aid Office ensures you understand the “big picture” of the financial aid process, from completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receiving your award letter. Review our step-by-step breakdown of how to apply for financial aid and more vital information.

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2024-2025 FAFSA

After undergoing major changes due to Congress’s 2020 FAFSA Simplification Act, the 2024-2025 FAFSA for aid eligibility is now open.

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Dates and Deadlines

Review important dates and deadlines for applying for and receiving financial aid at UofL.

Financial Aid Deadlines

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Undergraduate or graduate/professional students can apply for financial aid at any time. We recommend filing your FAFSA as early as possible to maximize your aid. You may be eligible for federal direct loans and grants, scholarships and grants from the University of Louisville or state of Kentucky, and aid from other sources.

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Step 1: File the FAFSA

Students currently enrolled or planning to enroll in coursework for fall 2024, spring 2025 and/or summer 2025 who haven't already completed the 2024-2025 FAFSA should do so as soon as possible.

  • When filling out the 2024-2025 FAFSA, use 2022 income and tax information.
  • We strongly encourage the use of the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to import tax information directly from the IRS.
  • Students renewing aid may start a new FAFSA form or update the previous year’s.
  • Filing the FAFSA automatically considers you for grants and scholarships, including the Pell Grant and Federal Work-Study.

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If you need assistance completing the FAFSA or have questions, contact our office.

Step 2: Complete Financial Aid File

Financial Aid File Priority Submission: Early July

Once you submit your FAFSA using our school code (001999), the Student Financial Aid Office will receive and review it along with your complete financial aid application file.

We notify you by email if you are required to submit supplemental forms, complete verification or provide any additional information to finalize your financial aid application. Consult your ULink To Do List frequently, where you can find any requests for further documents or actions.

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View the How to Find and Review To Do List ULink Tutorial.

Step 3: Report Other Aid

Students must complete the Report Other Aid form to submit information to the Student Financial Aid Office about any additional financial aid awards, including department-based scholarships, grants or scholarships outside of the UofL aid package, tuition remission from employers, or any other benefits or financial assistance used to pay for college.

To explore additional funding, log in to Scholarship Universe to find scholarships and learn more about scholarship opportunities and other aid sources.

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Step 4: Award Notification

Once you complete your financial aid profile, the Student Financial Aid Office delivers an award notification via mail (first-time freshmen) or email (continuing students). This includes your full financial aid offer, detailing any loans, grants or scholarships you are awarded or are eligible to receive.

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Step 5: Compare Award Letters

At the University of Louisville, we believe that committing to pursue and pay for a college education is a vitally important decision. We encourage you to evaluate all the options and factors when comparing our award letter with those offered to you by other institutions. The most important outcome is one that benefits you throughout your time in school and beyond.

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Next Steps for Your Aid

Accept Desired Aid

After you review your financial aid package offer, you must officially accept any loans (federal or alternative) that you want to receive through the ULink portal. To accept aid from grants and scholarships, accept the award's terms of agreement (ToA). Grant and scholarship offers can also be reduced or declined.

View the How to Accept/Decline Financial Aid ULink Tutorial

Receive Aid

The Bursar’s Office applies money sourced from your financial aid awards to your tuition bill at the beginning of each semester when all eligibility requirements are met. Some students’ financial aid package total may exceed the tuition and fee balance total, resulting in residual funds being disbursed directly to the student.

Learn more about receiving financial aid disbursements.

Reapply for Aid

Current undergraduate and graduate/professional students must update their financial aid file every year, from filing the FAFSA to reporting external scholarships and other aid. To reapply for aid through the FAFSA, simply provide new income and tax information and update any information that may have changed.

Learn more about renewing aid.

Review the U.S. Department of Education (DOE)’s instructions for renewing your FAFSA.

Bills and Payments

At the beginning of each semester, the Bursar’s Office applies the tuition and fees that make up the cost of attendance for that term to your account balance (accessible through ULink) in addition to the aid you have accepted. If financial aid does not cover the total balance, settle your account or choose a payment plan by the due date each semester.

Learn more about paying your bill.

Visit the Bursar’s Office website for more information on billing and payment.

Aid Tailored to You

Aid for Special Student Populations

Transfer Students

The financial aid process for students transferring to UofL is simple to complete with our guidance: have a completed financial aid application on file, apply and be admitted to UofL, and cancel any aid pending at your current institution (if transferring for spring or summer).

Review information for transfer students.

International Students

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services offers competitive merit-based scholarship aid to undergraduate international students studying at the University of Louisville. Become a Global Cardinal.

Review international student scholarship information.

Study Abroad Students

The Office of Study Abroad and International Travel offers assistance for students seeking financial aid for study abroad programs at UofL. Some federal and state awards may also be applied to the cost of study abroad endeavors.

Review information for study abroad students.

UofL Employees

University of Louisville employees can receive tuition reimbursement for their own education or that of their dependents.

Review information for UofL employee tuition reimbursement.

Metro College Partnership

Those participating in the Metro College Partnership program receive complete tuition benefits in return for working as an employee at UPS Worldport in Louisville.

Review information for Metro College program participants.


In some cases, the Department of Education may require the University of Louisville to verify certain information provided in your FAFSA before we can evaluate your eligibility to receive financial aid.

If verification is needed after you submit your aid application, we notify you via email and on ULink about the specific actions needed to finalize your aid eligibility and receive your award notification, such as completing a verification form or submitting any additional documentation.

Learn more about verification.

Financial Aid Requirements

Federal financial assistance and other types of financial aid are typically dispersed based on full-time enrollment. Before applying for aid, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and understand the academic standards needed to maintain your financial aid throughout your time at the University of Louisville.

ULink Tutorials

Review helpful videos to learn how to navigate ULink, view and understand your To Do List, and how to accept, reduce or decline offered student financial aid.

Aid Application Resources

Review detailed information about how to apply for specific scholarships, grants and loans, our most frequently asked questions, upload required documents and explore further.

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Apply For Student Financial Aid at the University of Louisville

While applying for financial aid may seem like a daunting task, our step-by-step breakdown of the financial aid process helps you find support and feel empowered to submit your FAFSA and complete your file with confidence. Contact or visit the Student Financial Aid Office with any questions.

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