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General/Departmental FAQs:

Q: Who should I contact with questions about the issuance of payments?
A: Please click here to contact Accounts Payable.

Q: Can a department make a payment from a statement?
A: No. Accounts Payable will only process payment from invoices, a record is required for all goods or services ordered.

  • The ONLY exception to this rule is for companies that only send statements (i.e. utility companies, telephone companies, etc). 

Q: How can I check on the status of a payment after it's been submitted?
A: After a department has submitted a payment, it will go through the approvals process. You can review status of a Payment Request, Purchase Order, or voucher and follow up with appropriate area if pending.

  • Purchase Order: NavBar > Menu > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions
  • Payment Request (only person who submitted PR can view): Main screen > Payment Request OR NavBar > Menu > Employee Self Service > Payment Request Center
  • Voucher Inquiry: NavBar > Menu > Accounts Payable > Review Accounts Payable Information > Vouchers > Voucher (enter voucher ID, Supplier Name, Supplier ID, etc.)

Q: What do I do after I receive a Purchase Order (PO) via email? 
A: The department is REQUIRED to send the invoice with the PO inserted on first page of invoice via email to . If this step is NOT completed after PO has been created, the supplier will not get paid. 

Q: Do I need to do anything after a Payment Request (PR) has been submitted and approved?
A: No further action is required. If your PR is in a pending status, you can reach out to the appropriate area for inquiry. To view this, you can go to PeopleSoft Financials and follow path below:

  • Payment Request (only person who submitted PR can view): Main screen > Payment Request OR NavBar > Menu > Employee Self Service > Payment Request Center. Click on appropriate PR and click on Approval History to view approval status.

Q: How long does it take to receive a payment?
A: Please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for a check and up to 5 business days for ACH/EFT. We do not issue same day payments. The University’s standard payment terms for trade suppliers is Net 30 from invoice date.

  • Example: If invoice is dated 8/1/22 and is submitted by the department on 8/10, it will go through the approvals process, which could potentially take a few days for the different areas required to review. If the same invoice is not entered until 8/20 and approved by various areas until 8/29, the payment may still require 7-10 business days and will be past the Net 30 from invoice date. 

Q: How can I tell what an Accounts Payable departmental charge is for on my program?
A: Please use reports located in BI to find charges, utilizing hyperlinks for the transaction. Useful reports, but not limited to are found under FI > Individual:

Q: I received a check from the Office of the Controller and do not know what it is regarding, who can I contact?
A: Please contact Accounts Payable via email or call (502) 852-6164. Please let us know the voucher number on the remittance advice provided on your payment and check date.

  • If invoice number begins with rfddent; it pertains to a reimbursement from the UofL School of Dentistry. Someone in your household had service done at some point and this is a reimbursement for the service. For more information, you can contact the School of Dentistry directly.

Q: I have a stale-dated check. What can I do to get it reissued?
A: Please click here, fill out and submit form. 

Q: How do credit invoices work?
A: The original invoice had to have been paid (or has to be set up for payment) before the credit can be taken. If the invoice was paid against a purchase order, the credit will go back to the speedtype, not the purchase order.

Q: What is the current mileage rate?
A: View current mileage rates.

Q: How do I sign up for Swift Prepaid Card training?
A: Please click here to request access for the Blackboard training course. Please click here for additional information on Swift Prepaid Cards.

Q: How do I obtain the University's Employee Identification number?
A: Please click here to view the University's W-9 (requires ULink login).

Q: What is GLACIER Tax Compliance System? 
A: GLACIER is a secure on-line tax compliance system that collects tax related information from foreign individuals receiving funds from the University of Louisville. Login instructions will be e-mailed to the foreign payee so that they can enter their information directly into the GLACIER system. GLACIER will then determine residency status and tax treaty eligibility based on the information entered. The individual can then print all applicable tax forms from GLACIER, sign, date, and email to  or mail directly to:

2215 S. Brook Street

Attn: Accounts Payable

Louisville, KY 40292

  • If an employee, they can email  their documents or mail to address above, but to Attn: Payroll Services.



Q: Do I have to obtain W-9 forms for suppliers (vendors)?
A: No. All U.S. domestic suppliers must go through the online Supplier Onboarding process, department must submit New Supplier Onboarding to start the registration process. Suppliers will submit appropriate documents electronically.

  • This does not include employee or active student reimbursements or refunds to individuals.

Foreign suppliers will need to have appropriate paperwork filled out and submitted to . Please review Payments to Foreign Suppliers — Office of Finance / Controller (  

Q: Why has a supplier not been approved yet?
A: A supplier must go through the online Onboarding process as online registration is required (submitted by a UofL department through New Supplier Onboarding). After a supplier has completed registration (rec'd email with registration ID), please allow at least 5 business days for Accounts Payable to review. If something is incomplete for online registration, a representative will reach out to supplier, which may take more time to finalize registration.

A department should confirm with supplier to see if they have received a registration ID from Accounts Payable. If they do have one, they can send a note to  requesting update on status. If supplier has not received a registration ID, then onboarding has not been completed. 

Q: What if I search for a supplier (vendor) and they have a Status of “Inactive”, can we re-activate them?
A: No. A supplier cannot be re-activated and must go through the onboarding process again. The department will need to submit a new request for New Supplier Onboarding, which requires the supplier name and e-mail address and supplier must then re-register. We advise that the department requesting services, confirms the supplier is set up and active in the system prior to requesting services.

Q: What if an "active" supplier (vendor) has profile changes, will a new supplier number be created and how do they make changes?
A. (1) The supplier will need to contact  for assistance with any updates regarding address, contacts, bank information, etc.
A. (2) If official Name or Tax ID change needs to be updated; supplier will need to re-register as a new supplier. Department will need to resubmit New Supplier Onboarding. Supplier will receive a new supplier ID number after completion. 

After an update, the department can locate the new supplier ID by logging into the system:

  • Log into PeopleSoft Financials > NavBar (top right settings icon) > Menu > Suppliers > Supplier 360. 
  • Enter supplier information and search. 
  • Click on "Additional Supplier Info" tab.
  • If there is a number located in the "AR Number" column, this is the new supplier ID.

Q: What is the registration ID number?
A: The registration ID number is a unique number assigned to your registration request. This is used to track your request in our system as it progresses through the approval process and before you are given a supplier number. You will receive this ID as soon as you submit your Onboarding registration.

Q: My registration was denied. Why?
A: According to our records, a supplier with the same identifying information already exists in our system or you have received a paycheck from the University within the same calendar year you are trying to register. To discuss further, please email .

Q: What is the supplier number?
A: The supplier number is a unique number from our supplier master file that allows us to identify all your activity with the University. This ID number will be provided at the time your request is approved via email, and it will also be included in email remittance advices.

Q: My registration was sent back for more information. Why?
A: There could be a few reasons why it was sent back, please see below for some possibilities:

  • W-9 was not complete, signed, or attached.
  • W-9 didn’t upload, not legible, or couldn’t open.
  • Tax Identification Number did not match IRS records.
  • Different Tax Identification Number was provided on registration request and W9 Form.

Q: I have issues with the registration process and emailed Why am I not getting a response back?
A: The orionwf email address is system-generated. Please email  for assistance.

Q: When can I expect full payment?
A: Please contact the department who requested your services with the University. The department will know if they submitted the invoice for processing and can view if it received all the approvals for processing by Accounts Payable. 

Q: What is the payment schedule for suppliers (vendors)?
A: Please review the Accounts Payable Payment & Processing Schedule.

  • ActivePay Credit Card Payments: Wednesday
  • ACH & CCD Payments: Thursday
  • Check Payments: Friday

Q: Why am I given a User Name and Password?
A: This will allow you to log in to the system to view your address and contact information.

Q: I do not remember my User Name and/or password. What do I do?
A: Email  so that we can reset your information.

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