Accounts Payable Vendor Terms and Conditions of Payment

  1. The University of Louisville* has standard payment terms of Net 30. Any payment terms other than Net 30 must be requested by the vendor and agreed to in writing prior to supplying products/services to the University of Louisville*.

  2. The University of Louisville* makes payment to a supplier by purchase order number. The appropriate purchase order number must be listed on every invoice your company submits for payment. If there is no purchase order number, the invoice may be returned to you. Omitting the purchase order number from the invoice or supplying product to the University of Louisville* without a purchase order number may cause your payment to be delayed, or possibly, to be forfeited.

  3. Do not take orders verbally without a PO number.

  4. The University of Louisville* does not pay late charges.

  5. The University of Louisville* does not pay restocking charges, unless the University department making the purchase has authorized these charges.

  6. All invoices should be mailed to: 
    University of Louisville*
    Controller's Office/Service Complex
    Louisville, KY  40292

    Invoices that have been submitted to an address other than the above address may be denied for payment.

  7. Vendors have the option of being paid in one of four ways.  See Payment Methods for University of Louisville Vendors for a complete listing.


*Includes all related and affiliated corporations of the University.
University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc.
University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.
University of Louisville Foundation, Inc.