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Upcoming Session(s)

  • Travel Talks: May 8th 1:30-2:30pm

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  • We are working on adding Q&As from Travel Talks to existing Travel FAQs. We will continue to organize the questions and continue to add as questions come through.

Previous Recordings and Presentations:

Recording: 03/20/2024 My Wallet
Presentation: 03/20/2024 My Wallet

Recording: 03/06/2024 Blackboard and Travel Card Test and Application
Presentation: 03/06/2024 Blackboard and Travel Card Test and Application

Recording: 02/21/2024 Expense Report Issues
Presentation: 02/21/2024 Expense Report Issues

Recording: 01/19/2024 Travel Card 
Presentation: 01/19/2024 Travel Card

Recording: 01/24/2024 Travel & Expense Reports - this was re-recorded due to technical difficulties during live session.
Presentation: 01/24/2024 Travel & Expense Reports

Recording: 02/07/2024 International Travel - Part 1 Travel Authorizations/Cash Advance)
Presentation: 02/07/2024 International Travel - Part 1 Travel Authorizations/Cash Advance)

Recording: 02/14/24 Q&As (no presentation)

If you would like to see other talks for our area, please email . As always, continue to check out UofL Today for announcements, events, trainings and more!

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