Degree Application & Commencement

At the end of all great academic journeys, comes the graduation – aka – the Commencement ceremony. At the University of Louisville, Commencement is a wonderful celebration but there are a lot of particular rules and deadlines around this event. We'll break them here so that you don't miss a thing.

Applying for your degree

When you are in your final semester of classes, you will need to apply for your degree via uLink.

Consult these helpful videos about how to apply:

  1. Applying for your degree (NOTE: Click on "Degree Application" rather than "Apply for Graduation" as seen in the video. There's been a wording change.)
  2. Updating the name on your diploma

This application triggers a review of your record by a designated individual in our college and this person(s) will review your enrollment history and your program requirements to make sure that they match. If any class substitutions were made, this audit will make note of that. You will be emailed by the designated degree auditor after the audit has been completed. This person will confirm that the degree application has been received and that you are on-pace to complete its requirements.

This audit is only done for all graduate students who've submitted an application. 

  • Spring 2023 degree applications will be accepted from:
    • November 15, 2022 to April 14, 2023
    • Doctoral students must submit their these/dissertations by April 28, 2023

 Make sure you are checking the Registrar's website carefully for these dates!

VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Failure to apply for your degree in your last terms of enrollment, will require you to enroll in MAST 600 for the next term because you must be enrolled in the term in which you apply for your degree. For example, if you completed your final classes toward your degree in a Spring term, but you failed to apply for your degree in the Spring term, then you'd enroll in MAST 600 either over the summer to be awarded an August degree, or over the Fall term to be awarded a December degree. The 2022-2023 cost of enrolling in MAST 600 is $1,550.00. See the Bursar's office for all tuition & fees related information.

Applying for Commencement (aka - "To Walk")

The degree application has nothing to do with your desire to walk in the Commencement ceremony. Not everyone wants (or is able) to participate in the Commencement ceremony, which is why the degree application doesn't automatically RSVP you to the Commencement ceremony. The degree application is nonnegotiable! But, you can choose whether you want to walk in the ceremony or not.

If you want to walk in the Commencement ceremony, you will need to order your apparel, aka – cap & gown. By ordering your apparel you are RSVP-ing to walk in the Commencement ceremony. There are specific dates by which your apparel order must be placed each term so make sure to pay close attention to the Commencement website.

Doctoral students in CEHD should also pay close attention to the dates provided by the Graduate School in relation to when dissertations need to be defended, edited, and officially submitted, so that you are awarded your degree in time. Unlike master's and specialist degree recipients, doctoral students have their own ceremony and they are not required to attend the university ceremony. Please review the Graduate School website for information related to the "Doctoral Hooding & Graduation Ceremony"

All Commencement information can be found at

You should bookmark this page and visit it often especially in your last term. It's also a great website to share with family and friends because it can answer a lot of their questions.


Diplomas will arrive at the Registrar's office approximately six to eight weeks after the end of each term/semester. An email notification will be sent to all graduates when diplomas arrive and are ready to be picked up in the Office of the Registrar, Houchens Building, RM. 31. When you pick up your diploma, be sure to verify that your name is spelled correctly and that your diploma includes any special notations if applicable (honors, etc). You may have someone pick up your diploma for you.

If you live out of town, your diploma can be mailed to you. After the diploma arrival date, students may call the Office of the Registrar at (502) 852-6522 to arrange mailing. Diplomas cannot be mailed to local addresses including: Anchorage, Buckner, Clarksville, Crestwood, Goshen, Jeffersonville, LaGrange, Louisville, Mt. Washington, New Albany, Pewee Valley, Prospect or Shepherdsville.

If you wish to order a duplicate diploma, you may do so online.