Early Start MAT Admission Requirements and Application Process

Candidates for the Early Start MAT program are required to apply for acceptance to teacher education. Application deadlines are listed below. Candidates will submit credentials supporting their academic ability, creativity and collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills, positive disposition, and commitment to the teaching profession. These credentials include test scores, transcripts, writing samples, and letters of recommendation which support the candidate's ability to succeed in a rigorous teacher education program. Competitive candidates will be invited to a formal, faculty interview.

Candidates for admission should review the following which outline the expectations of the teaching profession:

  1. Professional Code of Ethics for Kentucky School Personnel [PDF]
  2. CEHD Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement [PDF]
  3. Character and Fitness Questionnaire [PDF]
  4. Professional Dispositions Rubric [PDF]
  5. Diversity Rubric [PDF]
  6. Effective Written Communication Rubric [PDF]

Candidates who are accepted into teacher education will apply for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching program upon completion of their undergraduate degree. Application materials submitted with the teacher education application may be used for MAT admission – thus eliminating the need for additional letters of recommendation, a new professional statement, etc.


Questions about the application should be directed to teacher@louisville.edu. Candidates will be notified via e-mail regarding the admission decision no later than six weeks after the application deadline. Applicants who are selected for admission will receive information about a mandatory orientation session.

Application Deadlines:

Fall Admission - June 1st by 5:00 p.m.
Spring Admission - October 1st by 5:00 p.m.

Please note: If the application deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will accept the admission portfolio on the Monday after the deadline by 5:00 p.m.

Admission Criteria

Candidates who meet the following criteria may be eligible to apply to the Early Start MAT program. Admission is competitive. Candidates who meet minimum academic requirements are not guaranteed admission to the program.

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  1. Online ApplicationPlease submit the online application at least four weeks prior to the application deadline. Recommendation letter requests are automatically sent to the recommenders upon submission of the application. (You may check your application account to send reminders and check the status of your recommendation requests.) Adequate time should be given to recommenders to respond to the request! Official test scores and transcripts (from other institutions) should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admission prior to the application deadline! Questions about the online application should be directed to teacher@louisville.edu.
  2. Passing Test Scores
    Please note:
    whensubmitting test scores through ETS, use the general University of Louisville code, 1838.
  3. Praxis II Content Exam(s)
  4. Major in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics with at least 21 credit hours completed and a 3.0 major grade point average
  5. Minimum 2.75 overall grade point average
  6. Oral Communication Proficiency
  7. Written Communication Proficiency
  8. Professional Writing Requirements
  9. Letters of Recommendation