Healthcare Leadership

Healthcare Leadership Competency Development
Virtual Information Session
BSOLL - Healthcare Leadership
January 13, 2022 | 12:00pm EST

The fully online, fast and micro-credential packed Healthcare Leadership (HCL) program is aligned to the National Center for Healthcare Leadership model ( and designed for adults with substantial experience in the healthcare field who are seeking advancement within their organization.

Offered by the College of Education and Human Development at the University of the Louisville, this program provides students with the skills for career mobility within multiple healthcare settings and allows them to upskill technically at the same time! It enriches their capabilities to lead and manage organizational change adeptly, and improve organizational performance. Leveraging prior work experience and/or military training, the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) class allows students the opportunity to earn up to 48 college credits tuition-free. And with the option of either a Term Enrollment Option (8-week classes) or the Flex Option (competency-based education), students can advance through the program at the speed that’s right for them. An academic success coach will be with you along the way to ensure that you have all the tools and guidance necessary to succeed in this program.

Adults seeking to earn the UofL B.S. Healthcare Leadership online degree can find additional information and application instructions at our online programs website.

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Master of Public Health (MPH)

Concentration in Population Health Management

Students seeking additional information about graduate level healthcare leadership development at the University of Louisville will find information at the SPHIS website.

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Are you a prospective student to the UofL B.S. Organizational Leadership program? If yes, feel free to Chat With An Alum! They are apart of the new UofL CardinOLL Ambassador program and are ready to correspond with you via email and answer questions you may have about the program, time management, faculty, and more! Reach out today and chat with an Alum!

Amy Moore

Amy Moore
B.S. Healthcare Leadership Alum
"After spending 8 years in the healthcare field and not having opportunities to expand my horizons, I began looking for a degree program that would kickstart my career and allow me to achieve the goals I had set for myself. When searching for programs, this particular one landed in my lap and it was the perfect fit for my goals and I knew I would not have to spend years trying to obtain a degree. The Organizational Leadership Development and Learning program has a competency-based learning format that not only allows you to use your work experience as credit hours, but also focuses on important skills it takes to be a leader and excel at it. After being paired with the best success coach I could have asked for, Saundra Kimberlain, I was then invited on a journey that ultimately placed me in a career and position I can move forward in and I’m excited to see where the rest of the journey takes me to. I highly recommend this program to all of my peers that are ready to fast-track their education and achieve their career goals in half the time of a traditional degree program."

Tammy Weber

Tammy Weber, CVLT, COA, OSC
B.S. Healthcare Leadership Alum
"I returned to school at 49 with the goal to graduate at 50 through the Flex Enrollment Option. With the incredible amount of support that I received from everyone at U of L, I was able to graduate 1 month prior to my 50th birthday."