Credit for Prior Learning

LEAD 300/307: Prior Learning Assessment

LEAD 300/307: Prior Learning Assessment is a required course in the Organizational Leadership and Learning major. Through the course, students create a Credit for Prior Learning portfolio and become acclimated to writing requirements and style guidelines within the major.

Some of the elements of the portfolio include

  • A workplace narrative autobiography
  • Documentation and written reflection on workplace training
  • Documentation and written reflection on occupational experiential learning
  • Worksheets showcasing hours/time dedicated to prior learning as well as knowledge, skills, and competencies gained
  • Narrative alignment of prior learning with O*Net job classification language

Faculty guide students through the process step-by-step to complete a full portfolio at the end of the class.

As a part of the course requirements, students must request at least 9 but no more than 48 credits. At the same time, not all students will need as many credits as they could be able to earn through CPL depending on how many credits are transferred from other institutions. Prior to the course, a student’s academic advisor provides a degree audit showcasing the maximum number of credits an individual student needs to request through CPL.

To get started, apply for the program, set up a meeting with an academic advisor, and enroll in LEAD 300/307!