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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning Healthcare Leadership at the University of Louisville Online

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning with a focus on Healthcare Leadership is designed to help you further enhance your skills in leadership, organizational change, workplace development and performance and attain higher-level positions in your organization.

This program is essential for individuals who have acquired experience in the healthcare field, but are missing the proper credentials for promotions within their organization, increased pay, or management and leadership roles. The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) within this program allows students to earn up to 48 college credits (tuition-free) for work and life experiences, which translates into time and money savings.

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Enrollment Paths

Students may choose between two enrollment options. Both the Flex Pace and Set Pace curriculum is based on the National Center for Healthcare Leadership’s ( competency model, which is one of the leading industry standard models for healthcare executive competencies development.

Flex Pace

The Healthcare Leadership flex pace option is delivered through an innovative method of competency-based education (CBE), the first of its kind in the state and region.

Students in the CBE track have 1 to 32 weeks to move through the course materials at their own pace, providing more schedule flexibility and individual determination of pace. Students with mastery of certain competencies can complete a course in four weeks.

Set Pace

The Healthcare Leadership set pace option is delivered as an accelerated online program structured on set terms rather than self-paced.

Students enroll in 8-week courses and complete each course within a pre-determined time frame, offering the benefits of accelerated courses within a more traditional university structure.

You can earn your bachelor's degree in as little as 3 intensive semesters.

Here is how UofL’s OnTrack program works:

Here is how UofL’s OnTrack program works
  1. Start Where You Left Off, Put Your Past College Credits to Work – Have some credits from an unfinished degree? Whether you have earned an associate degree or have an unfinished undergraduate degree, you can transfer credits from any regionally accredited institution you have attended.
  2. Earn Credits for Your Healthcare Experience – You’ve been doing the work and gaining valuable experience, and we think this work should count towards your degree. Earn up to 48 credits tuition-free through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for the work/life knowledge you’ve already built up throughout your healthcare career, military training or other on-the-job development.
  3. Learn What You Don’t Already Know – Complete the 36 hours (12 courses) core requirements at UofL, either in a Flex Pace - Competency-Based Education (CBE) format or in a Set Pace (8-week terms) format.

Customize your learning experience from start to finish, show what you know and get the credit you deserve.

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Meet Your Success Team

Our support team is ready to help you get started and stay on track to complete your education at UofL by providing assistance at every step of the way. We know your journey is unique, so we strive to create a personalized path to your success.

Veronica Johnson

Veronica Johnson

Online Learning Counselor


Support before you apply:

  • General program information
  • Initial qualifications
  • Online education at UofL
  • University resources
Andrew McCart, CBE Program Director

Andrew McCart

CBE Program Director


Support after you apply:

  • Formal transcript reviews
  • Credit transfer
  • Program of study and plan
  • Prerequisites assessment
  • Program of study plan
Saundra Kimberlain, CBE Success Coach

Saundra Kimberlain

CBE Success Coach


Support from start to finish:

  • PLA completion
  • Selection and schedule of classes
  • Courses completion
  • On track to graduation

If this is the type of education opportunity that matches your needs and goals, contact us today and we’ll help you get started on the path to success!

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Career Opportunities

Our program prepares professionals for careers that span across a variety of Healthcare Administration and/or Healthcare Management positions, most likely at the entry to mid-level, as well as clinic/service/department level positions in public or private healthcare organizations and systems.

Positions may include:

  • Clinic manager/administrator
  • Clinical practice manager
  • Community health operations manager
  • Health insurance manager
  • Health policy manager
  • Health systems specialist
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Healthcare coordinator
  • Healthcare logistics manager
  • Healthcare manager
  • Military healthcare, operations manager
  • Nursing supervisor
  • Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology administrator
  • Public health manager
  • Team lead/supervisor
  • Technical supervisor

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