Community Engagement

Addressing the needs and interests of our diverse communities locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.

Engaged Scholarship

Engaged Scholarship is scholarly work done in full partnership with the community.  It consists of research, teaching, and the application of scholarship for mutual benefits for the institution and community partner.

Engaged scholarship may include the following:

Community-Based Participatory Research: Academically relevant community focused research that partners with the community equitably to conduct research.  The partners contribute their expertise and share responsibility and ownership to enhance understanding and to integrate knowledge gained into action for change.  Such research and scholarship may appear in a range of content-specific disciplines or in multidisciplinary journals.

Practice-Based Research: A form of academic research which incorporates an element of practice in the methodology or output.  It aims to advance knowledge through practice and is commonly used among practitioners trying to find answers to questions to better understand and address issues.

Scholarship of Engagement: Another type of systematic research and scholarly inquiry that focuses on the impact of community engagement on teaching and learning.  It aims to provide evidence and data to inform and influence community engagement theory and practice.  The goal of this work is to advance the field of community engagement in teaching, research or service by assessing the impact of outreach work on faculty, students, the institution, the discipline, and the community partners.

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