Mini Grant Program

The Office of Community Engagement Gheens Foundation Mini Grant Program 


The Office of Community Engagement invites proposals from faculty, staff, and students to apply for mini grants that will directly impact the community. This initiative entails providing small, one-time mini grants to faculty, staff, and Resident Student Organizations (RSO) for research, teaching, service provision, or outreach with partners in the community, both locally and globally, and especially with historically underrepresented communities. The identified project needs to be one that will directly benefit the community, whether through direct service, research, or outreach, including non-partisan advocacy, and must identify the role of the community partner as a true collaborator in the initiative. The projects should be in collaboration with underrepresented communities such as west and south Louisville, the immigrant and refugee community, rural communities, or the international community. They should directly benefit members of the identified community. 

The project must either (a) contribute to student learning or experiences in civic engagement, (b) involve research toward a scholarly product (publications, presentations, externally presented reports, media, grant applications, etc.), or (c) allow for university staff to engage in direct outreach with community members.



  • Include research, teaching, service, or outreach 
  • Course affiliated projects must be led by a faculty and RSO projects by a faculty or staff  
  • Include students working collaboratively on the project 
  • Project must either involve an external partner organization or clearly be in service to an external community  
  • Project must demonstrate it is addressing a critical community need/issue 
  • Project must be with underrepresented communities, which include immigrant/refugee, rural  
  • Presentation on project at the spring Engaged Scholarship Symposium or the spring Undergraduate Arts & Research Showcase. 


  • Course connected grants may be in the $1000-$3000 range.  
  • Student RSO grants may range from $250 to $1000. 


  • Announcement of call for proposal August 15 
  • Deadline to submit proposals September 19 
  • Announcement of grant awards Friday, October 14 
  • Project implementation late fall 2022 to early spring 2023 
  • Presentation at Engaged Scholarship Symposium March 24, 2023 
  • Presentation at Undergraduate Arts & Research Showcase spring 2023 


Grant recipients must submit a project report due to the Office of Community Engagement end of summer to early fall 2023