About Us

The Office of Community Engagement is UofL’s central administrative office with a mission to facilitate the use of university knowledge and resources to support partnerships advancing the mutual needs of the community and the university.  The office promotes transformative experiences for faculty, staff, and students through engaged scholarship, outreach, and service to address community issues locally, regionally, and around the world.

Douglas Craddock Jr.
Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice President and University Provost and Vice President of Community Engagement

In addition to his role as Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice President and University Provost, Dr. Craddock , serves as the Vice President of Community Engagement, building and expanding linkages for the university across multiple efforts within the Office of Community Engagement. He oversees UofL’s Signature Partnership, the university’s initiative to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunity for residents of west Louisville. By partnering with city and state governments, schools and other organizations, UofL coordinates and enhances existing programs and launches new ones to eliminate disparities that residents experience in social, education, health and economic development areas. Dr. Craddock will oversee programs including Cards Come Together, the university’s week of service; the university’s TRIO, Upward Bound and Talent Search programs, which are federally funded efforts that identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds; the student philanthropy program; and UofL’s Annual Engaged Scholarship Symposium.


  • Represent the President on University and external community boards, committees, and task forces
  • Serve as a liaison between the President and the University and external community.
  • Support and advance university- wide community engagement and advise the President of pertinent community issues affecting the institution
  • Communicate effectively the President's vision, the University's strategic plan, as well as other relevant information regarding the University goals and operations
  • Build effective relationships and partnerships with internal and external constituents

Henry Cunningham
Director of Community Engagement

Dr. Henry R. Cunningham is Director of Community Engagement at the University of Louisville where he co-founded and co-directed the University’s International Service Learning Program. He has extensive background in international and community development, having conducted developmental work in several countries. He was assigned to the United Nations where he worked with international leaders focusing on sustainable development in developing countries. Dr. Cunningham currently teaches a community-based learning course, enabling students to engage with the immigrant community. He has published articles and book chapters on community engagement. He co-edited a book on partnership and collaboration which was published in 2020.

Susan Jenkins
Assistant to Vice President of Community Engagement

  • Personal Assistant to Vice President
  • Administrative support to Faculty Liaison Committee and University Community Partnership Advisory Board
  • Special event planning i.e. Outstanding Community Engagement Awards

Felicia Gough
Unit Business Manager

  • Oversees all budgetary, personnel, payroll, purchasing, and financial matters
  • Administrative support for Community Engagement Office
  • Administrative support to Resident Advisory Council Committee

Patrick Smith
Assistant Director of Community Engagement

  • Leads reporting and documentation for community engagement
  • Conducts data collection and systematic tracking of efforts across academic and administrative units
  • Manages assessment of the impact of community engagement on faculty, students, community partners and the institution
  • Oversees office communication strategies including website development, update and maintenance, newsletter production and dissemination, and social media