CODRE Newsletter - February 2024 [PDF]

Cover of February 2024 CODRE newsletter

2023 CODRE November Newsletter [PDF]

November 2023 CODRE Newsletter cover

2023 CODRE May Newsletter [PDF]

2023 CODRE May Newsletter SPANISH [PDF] 

2023 CODRE April Newsletter [PDF]

2023 CODRE April Newsletter SPANISH [PDF] 

2023 CODRE March Newsletter [PDF]

2023 CODRE March Newsletter SPANISH [PDF] 

2023 CODRE February Newsletter [PDF]

2023 CODRE February Newsletter SPANISH [PDF] 

 2023 CODRE January Newsletter [PDF]

2023 CODRE January Newsletter SPANISH [PDF] 

 2022 CODRE December Newsletter [PDF]

2022 CODRE December Newsletter SPANISH [PDF] 


UofL Athletics DEI 2022 December Newsletter  [PDF]

2022 CODRE November Newsletter [PDF]

2022 CODRE November Newsletter SPANISH [PDF] 




2022 CODRE October Newsletter [PDF]



2022 CODRE September Newsletter [PDF]

2022 CODRE September Newsletter SPANISH [PDF]

 2022 September CODRE Newsletter image

2022 CODRE May Newsletter [PDF]

2022 CODRE May Newsletter SPANISH [PDF]

 2022 September CODRE Newsletter


2022 CODRE April Newsletter [PDF]

2022 CODRE April Newsletter SPANISH [PDF]


 2022 CODRE March Newsletter [PDF]

2022 CODRE March Newsletter SPANISH [PDF]


2022 CODRE January/February Newsletter [PDF]

2022 CODRE January/February Newsletter SPANISH [PDF]


2021 CODRE December Newsletter [PDF]

2021 CODRE December Newsletter SPANISH [PDF]


2021 CODRE November Newsletter [PDF]

2021 CODRE November Newsletter SPANISH [PDF]


2021 CODRE October Newsletter [PDF]



2021 CODRE September Newsletter [PDF]


2021 CODRE August Newsletter [PDF] 



2021 CODRE June Newsletter [PDF]


2021 CODRE May Newsletter [PDF]

2021 CODRE April Newsletter [PDF]


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