2020-21 CODRE Executive Committee

CODRE Chair, Muriel Harris

CODRE Vice Chair, Maria Connie Martinez Mayshack

Campus Environment Team

Chair, Faye Jones— Office of Diversity & Equity

The Campus Environment Team monitor’ the university’s provision of a safe and secure environment for all members of the campus community and will play active role in maintaining this environment through direct participation in programs and services.

The Campus  Environment Team for the University (in collaboration with the Office of the Senior Associate Vice President for Diversity and Equity) and will advise the University President, relevant internal organizational structures and the Council on Post-secondary Education (CPE) by gathering information on diversity, campus climate and environmental issues from UofL faculty, staff and students; CODRE will be instrumental in the internal and external dissemination of information on the campus climate and environment with regards to diversity issues; and the monitoring of campus climate and diversity issues.


Communications & Marketing

Chair, Maria Tinnell — Office of Communications and Marketing

The Communications committee will be a standing committee and will be responsible for the dissemination and publication of CODRE information to membership and the university community. Items the committee will develop and maintain can include the following:

  • website, newsletter and calendar
  • annual goals and report of accomplishments
  • nomination and new membership information
  • meetings, elections and regular business
  • Commission sponsorships and events


Diversity Programming

Co-Chairs, J'Lissabeth Faughn, Campus Housing - Leondra Gully, Cultural Center

The Diversity Programming Committee is responsible for identifying and supporting programming for students, staff and faculty in collaboration with the community that supports an inclusive multicultural learning environment. The Diversity Programming Committee promotes diversity as a multi-faceted endeavor, and as such, the Diversity Committee may collaborate with other commission/ university committees to accomplish their tasks (e.g. student concerns committee, community organizations etc.).  This Committees initiatives support multicultural education; instructional diversity development; and programmatic efforts that enhance and strengthen student’s educational experiences and supports diversity and social justice.

A subcommittee of Diversity Programming is the President’s Exemplary Multicultural Teaching Award. The intent of the award is to honor multicultural teaching, through the utilization of teaching styles, culturally pluralistic and socially constructed ideals, course content and processes incorporating multicultural and global perspectives, and scholarship.


Faculty Concerns

Chair, Muriel Harris - School of Public Health & Information Sciences

The Faculty Concerns Committee strives to identify concerns and issues related to faculty satisfaction, retention and promotion.  It facilitates and supports faculty professional development and provides an open, communicative channel to the faculty. 


Staff Concerns

Chair, Maria Connie Martinez MayshackInternational Student & Scholar Services

The Staff Concerns committee gathers and disseminates concerns and information from UofL staff regarding diversity and climate issues, i.e., retention, employment, recruitment and promotion etc. This committee works collaboratively with UofL Human Resources to enhance the development and implementation of affirmative action and diversity plans and to develop strategies that affect underutilization and staff of color and other under-represented populations. Staff Concerns works collaboratively with Human Resources to enhance the work life of diverse staff members (social, economic, and professional diversity considerations in addition to gender/identity, language, disability etc).


Student Engagement

Chair, Dwayne Compton – School of Medicine

TEAM SEC has been restructured and is now poised to assist the first 48 registered student organizations in good standing that would like to have a personal connection to a governing body that reports directly to the President of your university. Student issues are OUR issues. This team comprised of UofL staff stands ready to hear and attend to our student’s thoughts, questions, needs and whatever necessary under the scope of our work.

Major goal of Team SEC is to:

  • introduce the existence and special efforts of CODRE and the Student Engagement Committee to all undergraduate student groups on roster through a series of meetings with the RSO presidents and other communication platforms;
  • Rethinking how to make the best connection with the RSO leaders.


The Research Grant Committee for Undergraduate Students

Chair, TBD

The Research Grant Committee for Undergraduate Students strives to create a culture of research among the diverse student body especially within the undergraduate student population. Research proposals are solicited annually or semi-annually (depending on the availability of funds.) Submitted proposals will be reviewed by Ad hoc members who are selected by the committee chair. The work of this committee greatly symbolizes the collaboration and support among various units of the university to achieve excellence in diversity through research scholarship. The research funds have been traditionally provided through the office of Vice President for Research, School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies, CODRE funds, and through matching funds from various units and departments.