Trustees' Scholarship Criteria & Awards

The scholarship amounts listed will be available for students entering in Fall 2024.

A note regarding ACT/SAT scores and scholarship awards: The University of Louisville offers a variety of scholarships, and students may apply for scholarships with or without test scores. Students applying for scholarships without test scores will be considered through a comprehensive review of academic merit and rigor. Consistent Advanced Placement, Cambridge, International Baccalaureate, and/or dual credit coursework is required for consideration. We strongly encourage students with mid to high ACT/SAT scores to submit their scores to automatically receive additional awards.

GPA With Qualifying ACT/SAT Score Without Qualifying ACT/SAT Score Type Amount/Year
3.5 26-27/1230-1290 Comprehensive academic review* Renewable $2,500
3.5 28-29/1300-1350  Not applicable Renewable $3,500
3.5 30/1360  Comprehensive academic review* Renewable $5,000
3.5 31-35/1390-1560  Not applicable Renewable $7,000
3.5 36/1570  Not applicable Renewable $8,000

*Awards are selective based on review, and are not guaranteed.