Trustees' Scholarship Criteria & Awards

The scholarship amounts listed will be available for students entering in Fall 2022.

We strongly encourage students with qualifying ACT/SAT scores to submit those to automatically receive their award. All students accepted without test scores and a  3.5 weighted GPA will be considered for scholarships ranging from $2,500-$5,000.  Awards will be based on a comprehensive review of the high school transcript including grades and curriculum, particularly college preparatory courses. Select students receiving scholarships without test scores will be invited to compete for enhancements to their initial award. 

GPA ACT/SAT Type Award Amount
3.5 26-27/1230-1290 Renewable $2,500
3.5 28-29/1300-1350 Renewable $3,500
3.5 30/1360 Renewable $5,000
3.5 31-35/1390-1560 Renewable $7,000
3.5 36/1570 Renewable $8,000