Evolve502 Scholarship

Evolve502 2+2

Evolve502 is a community-focused organization in Louisville that invests in educational opportunities for our city’s youth by giving scholarships to prepare students for college. Eligible JCPS graduates who earn an associate's degree from a KCTCS school or Simmons College of Kentucky have the opportunity to continue their education at the University of Louisville tuition-free.* 

The Evolve502 Scholarship is a last-dollar scholarship program that covers a student’s college tuition after federal and state aid has been applied.  

  • Students must be admitted to the university in a degree-seeking program
  • Students must be Pell and KEES eligible
  • Students must have earned an associate's degree**
  • Can be combined with the KCTCS Scholarship
  • Full-time enrollment is required for scholarship disbursement
  • No scholarship application required

Evolve502 Renewal

The University of Louisville will continue to award the Evolve502 Scholarship each fall and spring semester for six (6) semesters to complete a bachelor's degree. To remain eligible, the student should:

^The Evolve502 Scholarship is only awarded for fall and spring semesters, not summer.

*The Evolve502 Scholarship will apply to a student's tuition only and is applied as a last dollar scholarship after all federal, state and institutional aid.

**If a student has not completed an associate's degree, the student must have a minimum of 50 earned credit hours.  A petition form is available to request early transfer.

***If a student cannot maintain continuous attendance OR need an extra semester to complete their degree, a petition form is available.