Comeback Cards Grant

The University of Louisville is proud to introduce you to the Comeback Cards Program—a unique opportunity that offers up to $4,000 of debt forgiveness to returning students.

Comeback Cards Eligibility

Qualified students

  • Must have been previously enrolled at the University of Louisville 
  • Must not have earned a prior bachelor's degree
  • Must have been away for a minimum of two academic years
  • Must owe a balance of $4,000 or less on your UofL account at the start of the program*

If you meet these criteria, we warmly invite you to resume your education at UofL by completing an Interest Form  for the Comeback Cards program. After submitting your interest form, one of our Transfer Admissions Counselors will contact you to discuss your eligibility and next steps. 

If approved for the Comeback Cards program, students must

  • Be approved for admission and enroll in classes no later than Fall 2024 
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Meet regularly with an Academic Advisor
  • Have all tuition, fees, and other associated costs paid in full by the due date for each semester through financial aid or other sources

In return, students will earn either $500 (part-time study, 3-11 credits) or $1000 (full-time study, 12+ credits) toward their account balance per semester.  


Life may have taken you on a different path, but your educational goals are still within reach. We look forward to welcoming you back to UofL and helping you achieve your academic and career goals.

*There are several ways in which students can reduce their balance to $4000 by the beginning of their first semester in Comeback Cards.  Please discuss these options with your Transfer Admissions Counselor.