Degree requirements for minor in sociology

The Department of Sociology offers a minor in sociology, which requires completion of 21 credit hours in sociology.

Core Courses
All undergraduate students working a minor in sociology must complete the following core courses:

SOC 201 Intro to Sociology (formerly SOC 209 Principles & Concepts)
SOC 301 Intro to Social Statistics
SOC 303 Intro to Research Methods
SOC 320 Social Theory
SOC 323 Diversity & Inequality

Minors also take two electives:

  • one 3-credit hour sociology elective at the 300+ level, and
  • one 3-credit hour sociology elective at any level.

Sociology minors
may substitute a research methods course from communication, justice administration, Pan African studies, political science, or psychology for SOC 303, and may substitute JA 326, MATH 109, MGMT 201, or PSYC 301 for SOC 301. Any other substitutions must be approved by the undergraduate advisor in sociology.

If a student opts to substitute such a course, he/she must take an additional sociology elective at the 300+ level in lieu of the required sociology course. Students may not take two statistics courses and have both count toward their degree.

NOTE:  Students must take SOC 301 Social Statistics and earn a solid C or better before being admitted to the sociology program as a minor. Students must also earn a solid C or better in SOC 303 Research Methods and SOC 320 Social Theory to graduate with a minor in sociology.